Activity Guide

The activity guide, Correction Phonétique, Pronunciation Guide and Activities for the FSL and Immersion Classroom, contains articulation exercises and corrective techniques.  Throughout the 90 page guide, examples are accompanied by clear explanations.

Beginning with the principle that one must first understand how the mouth works in order to develop clearer pronunciation, this guide is an excellent pedagogical tool for any instructor who wishes to understand and teach how to overcome typical challenges students face when articulating French.

Teachers who are not experts in phonetics should not be intimated by the material.  Methods are easily accessible to all who are interested in pronunciation.  Using a straightforward approach, the guide contains all of the elements essential for easy comprehension by a non-specialist.

The activity guide is the product of significant academic study in corrective phonetics as well as the result of years of learning from students and teachers.  I am deeply grateful to my students for their open-mindedness and accommodation as my methods have developed and improved over the years.


Correction Phonétique, Pronunciation Guide and Activities for the FSL and Immersion Classroom: $45.00 + shipping and handling

Poster  "voyelles orales et le corps "

This poster (24" x 36", good quality paper) is an essential reference tool for every French class in which pronunciation is a concern.  "voyelles orales et le corps" is a visual tool to which students refer quickly and constantly when practicing challenging sounds in French. Teachers are encouraged to use it every day:  at the beginning of a French class, for instance, when warming up the mouth. 

Once students have grasped the relationship among the colours, shapes, and areas of the mouth where vowels are formed, a glance at the poster is all it takes to recall the correct placement of the articulatory organs in order to pronounce French sounds more accurately.

Placed within view of the students, this poster encourages them to pay careful attention to their pronunciation.  This awareness helps them build autonomy that eventually leads to self-correction.


Poster  "voyelles orales et le corps" : $45.00 + shipping and handling

15 mini posters "vowel sounds versus spelling"

Most people would agree that it is a tremendous task to master the spelling rules of one’s native tongue. This challenge grows exponentially when dealing with a foreign language. It is only by familiarizing oneself with the various spelling patterns of a language that the learner can develop his or her reading and spelling abilities.

These 15 mini posters (8.5" x 5.5", laminated) are essential tools in any French classroom because they illustrate:

  • the articulation of each of the oral and nasal vowels and
  • the various spellings of each of these 15 vowels.

Well within view on classroom walls, these mini posters will become a rapid and effective reference for any learner who is anxious to better pronounce and spell French.


15 mini posters "vowel sounds versus spelling": $45.00 +  shipping and handling

Binder Inserts

These binder inserts (8.5" x 11", laminated) are used by students in class and at home, while completing homework or practicing for oral presentations. They serve as reminders for proper articulation and spelling of oral and nasal French vowel sounds.


Binder insert #1: "voyelles orales et le corps", 1 sided & laminated$10.00 + shipping and handling

Binder insert #2: "voyelles sounds versus spelling",  2 sided & laminated$12.00 + shipping and handling

These materials will be explained and available for sale at the workshops. 

If you want to purchase materials outside of a workshop, please contact me.