Do your students struggle to pronounce French?  Take part in interactive and dynamic workshops with a non-intimidating approach to phonetic correction that you will find inspiring and fun!

Half Day Workshop

  • Understand particularities of French (oral) vowels compared to English vowels;
  • Know how to identify and address various challenges your students face with French pronunciation;
  • Apply corrective strategies for oral vowels and specific consonants;
  • Be prepared to adapt ideas and methods to your own style of teaching.


Full Day Workshop

All of the above plus the following:

  • Understand particularities of French nasal vowels;
  • Understand the particularities of French rhythm;
  • Contrast French versus English models of intonation;
  • Engage in teaching/learning activities to highlight application options.

Your students will speak more clearly, their confidence will build, their participation in class will improve and, most importantly, they’ll find themselves better able to communicate with the French-speaking world.  

Knowing that they will be better understood when articulating this language, your students will develop their confidence, will increase their participation in class, and most importantly, will eventually communicate more easily with the francophone world at large.

Whether you teach in Core French, French Immersion or Programme Cadre, you will leave this workshop inspired and well-equipped to help your students pronounce French more clearly first thing Monday morning!  

You will quickly be convinced that working on Corrective phonetics is not only extremely useful, but also an essential element in foreign language teaching.

Your students' achievement will bring you
success and satisfaction in your work.
Corrective phonetics will transform your teaching!